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CNFT Mirroring

CNFT Mirroring

CNFT Mirroring

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I mirrored my NFT first before someone else will do it! Ha!


Well, CNFT mirroring is a hot topic right now (last week of July 2021). There's a project that reminted a SpaceBud and sells it for 10 ADA. It doesn't try to pretend it's an original. On the opossite and it's even called CNFT Mirror.

It started a big discussion about what rights do you buy with your NFT. Interesting and useful discussion indeed. But this is the exact thing that NFTs solve. You can always see what's original and what's fake or a "mirror" at this case.

From now, I'm shipping a link to the licence with new NFTs and I'm gonna also publish a policy checker.

About this cNFT

Well, I wanted to mirror my the most popular card first before someone else will do it! Check it out, this is how you mirror cnfts properly!