History of the crypto in your wallet!

About Crypto Heroez

Cardano NFT project that features heroes of the blockchains. It's a tribute to great people of the cryptospace. It's not NFT project only, it has also an educational part. It's purpose is also to introduce people newcomers should know. There is a website with information about the heroes to help newcomers with brief info and links where you can dig deeper.

NFT's are not randomly generated, they are all hand-drawn! Some of Heroes have special variations. Variations are not just random gadgets, everything makes some sense. Try to find out what each variant means!



There are 3 legendary heroes. There were rumors that they could be the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto! It's most likely only a rumors but who knows! Each legendary hero exists in limited edition of 32 cards (not necesarily the same cards). Some of legendary cards will be available only in a few "Legendary bundles" or later in an auction.


There are 5 epic heroes. They are all representants of smartchains - blockchains of the new generation. Each epic hero exists in limited edition of 64 cards (not necesarily the same cards). Part of them will be sold in "Epic bundles", part of them can be purchased in presale.


There are 8 rare heroes. They are various influencers, investors and propagators of the Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. Each rare hero exits in limited edition of 128 cards (not necesarily the same cards). They will be sold in "Rare bundles", part of them are reserved for presale.


There is unspecified amount of special cards. They are used as giveaways, promo actions or can be also in standard sell. Each card will have a limited minted amount. The amount will be displayed in each card. The rarity of those cards can vary but once they are minted, there will exists no more than the number on the card.


Crypto Heroez aren't NFT only project. We'd like to continue with building information rich website about people in the cryptospace. Website provides a brief info about people influencing the crypto space, with a links if you'd like to dig deeper.

The plan is also to put all NFTs/heroes to a historical context. Not only to show people but also to place them into a timeline with important events that happened in crypto space.

Next milestone is to release an interactive retro gallery where you can control your character and look at the NFTs. After this it will be really nice to have a special levels for each character, that will be accessible only for those who owns the NFT with given character.

Who is behind the project?

I'm Jiri Hysek a creative programmer and hobby game developer from Czech Republic a country in central Europe. Apart from Cardano and cryptospace I love participating in game jams. Check out my games: https://jhysek.itch.io (most of them are made in 48 hours).

You can contact me on twitter or Discord.