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Crypto Heroez launch - may 2021

Launch May 2021

Launch May 2021

total cards128

About the launch

Crypto Heroez launch was a big success and a big fail at the same time! How so?

Well.. I didn't know what to expect. I thought I'll sell a few cards per day and I will have a lot of time to see if everything works fine. I did a few transactions for myself, tried to buy a card, tried to send incorrect amount of ADA. Everything worked as expected so I just started selling and announced it on Twitter where I had 150 followers.

And that was it. Long time nothing happened. Then out of the blue, one purchase! Awesome! Then nothing.

So I let it running and went to pick up kids from school. After some time, I was still outside, I have checked a Twitter. I had about 10 messages asking how much should it take to receive a card. It didn't look good. There were some issues I thought.

After I arrived home, I have realized that transaction are not processing. A script cannot authorize to the Firebase. Strange. Why? Authentication quota exceeded. But why? I was too busy replying people on twitter so I found out a bit later why this happened.

Oh, that's why. Charles Hoskinson himself tweeted one word with this link. The amount of requests was so high and the script was written in such a naive way, that it exeeded quotas and after that the Firebase refused to authenticate and therefore to write to the database. The script was more dependent on the firebase than I would like to admit. So no selling.

I stopped the script, changed the info on the website and started investigating what to do about it. It went really slowly since the whole end of the first day I mostly communicated with people on twitter. I needed to let them know, the will get their cards or refunds.

The second day was hard, I was working almost non-stop, I almost didn't eat. But I have written a lot of code to get all info from the blockchain itself. Because blockchain doesn't lie. And I couldn't rely on the database data anymore.

Long story short, I managed to process all orders semi-manually or refunded those who sent ADA for already sold out cards. It took about 2 and half days of almost non-stop communication, programming, processing orders.. but I hope I did it.

Big thank and kudos to Cardano community! They was understanding and supporting. And really patient. Thank you again!

About the NFT

I have explained almost everything in the text above. I didn't explain Charleses clothes, though :) At that time he was in Miami I believe and this picture is based on one video Charles tweeted from the Miami.

The NFT is minted amount of 128 cards but every card has own serial number.