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Game of Life

Game of Life

Interactive Conway's game of life

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Interactive NFT

Interactive simulation as NFT

8 of Crypto Heroez cards from Miami mini-series with Charles Hoskinson have significant innovation. Those cards have fully interactive simulation of Conway's game of life on background. It starts with randomly generated cells so the background is different with each reload. You can also draw a custom cells, pause/unpause the simulation, you play with it.

Not only that cards were the very first interactive Crypto Heroez NFTs, those were one of the first interactive NFTs on Cardano blockchain! Each of them are also unique so I consider those 8 pretty rare.

Interactive NFTs were initaly inspired by DEADPXLZ. I wanted to explore that idea further. And because IOHK has (among other cool stuff) game of life on their homepage (see here) and game of life could be mindblowing (see video below), it was perfect fit Charles Hoskinson's card.

About this NFT

This special card is a reminder of this event - of release of the first interactive Crypto Heroez NFTs.

It contains 3 presets, randomly generated automata and clear board ready for drawing your custom structures


  • P - pause / unpause
  • Drawing / deleting by mouse (draw if you start on empty cell, delete if you start on living cell)
  • Buttons for clear grid, randomize grid or choose one of 3 presets.

What's game of life anyway?

If you don't know what Game of life is, check out this video. It's simple cellular automata with only 4 rules but in can simulate incredible stuff.